Modern World Civilizations

Renaissance/Reformation Unit

Purpose: To describe how two great European movements, the Renaissance and the Reformation ushered in dramatic cultural and social changes. To describe how the Renaissance marked the flowering of artistic creativity while the Reformation led to new Christian beliefs.

Objectives: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. explain the conditions in Italy that gave rise to the Renaissance and how the artistic breakthrough spread throughout Europe.
    2. explain how the invention of the printing press allowed Renaissance ideas to spread as well as spark the Reformation
    3. trace Martin Lutherís role in the religious movement to reform the Roman Catholic Church.
    4. describe the beliefs of other reformers and changes brought about by the Catholic Reformation
    5. evaluate the legacy of the Reformation


Skills: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. analyze a picture
    2. write a bibliography

Assessment: Homework assignments (20 points)

Class participation: including daily warm-ups, student response sheet, small group projects, and handouts. (40 points)

Renaissance Project (40 points)

Unit Test (100 points)


Due on Wednesday September 17, 2003

Read Chapter 1 Section 1 pages 36-42. Answer the following:

1. Describe why Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance in the 1300ís.

2. Describe how the Renaissance led to new techniques in art.

3. Name three people from this section whom you regard as a "Renaissance man" or "Renaissance woman". Explain your choices.

Due on Thurssday September 18, 2003

Read Chapter 2 Section 2. pages 43-47. Answer the following questions:

1. Why did artistic ideas spread from Italy to other parts of Europe?

2. What do you think Christian humanists like Erasmus and Thomas More were trying to tell society in their works?

3. What effect did the invention of the printing press by Johann Gutenberg have on learning?

Due on Tuesday September 23, 2003

Read Chapter 1 Section 3 pages 48-52. Answer the following:

1. Identify at least 3 causes of the Reformation.

2. Who was Martin Luther? What effect did he have on church reform?

3. Describe how England became a Protestant country.

Due on Wednesday September 24, 2003

Read Chapter 1 Section 4 pages 53-56. Answer the following:

1. What effect did John Calvin have on Protestant reformation?

2. What effect did women reformers have on the movement?

3. What changes did the Roman Catholic Church make in response to the Reformation?

Renaissance Portfolio Project

A wealthy patron has commissioned you to assist them in winning an international competition. You are to research information about a person who lived during the Renaissance and put together a portfolio including a brief biography of their life and several of their works and why you chose to include those items in the portfolio. See rubric for grading.

Rubric for Renaissance Portfolio Project

1= weak 2=Moderately weak 3= Average 4=Moderately Strong 5=Strong

  1. Student makes good use of class time and locates information during library session.
  2. Portfolio includes brief (minimum 1 page maximum 2 page) biography describing the life and accomplishments of their person.
  3. Portfolio includes items (minimum of 3 maximum of 5) that showcase the talent of their person.
  4. Student uses his or her own words to create a brief description of each item included in the portfolio.
  5. Portfolio writing uses proper spelling and grammar and artwork is school appropriate.
  6. Student uses a minimum of 2 sources including at least one book, encyclopedia, or printed material.
  7. Includes a bibliography of resources using M.L.A. format.

8. Overall, the final result represents the studentís full potential.


Renaissance Portfolio Project due on Wednesday September 24, 2003

Unit test/ Notebook Collection on Friday September 26, 2003.