Capitalism / Communism Analogy Assignment (worth 20 points)

Overview: This goal of this assignment is for students to use their creativity to show they understand the characteristics and meaning of 2 differing economic systems: capitalism and communism using comparisons. The students will be provided with butcher paper, and art supplies to help them accomplish their tasks. See the following rubric for grading.

Instructions: Students will

  1. Brainstorm the characteristics of each economic system.
  2. They will then brainstorm to create a list of objects/things/actions that have similar qualities as their economic system.
  3. The group will then choose an object, thing or action to make a comparison to while considering the characteristics of that object. For example: Capitalism is climbing a hill because the toughest rise to the top. Communism is a car because it takes many parts to make the engine go.
  4. The students will create on butcher paper a picture of their object and the reasons why it is like that economic system.
  5. The students will complete the same process for the other economic system.

Grading Rubric

5= excellent (A) 4= good (B) 3= average (C)

2= needs improvement (D) 1= unacceptable (F) 0= missing (F)

  1. Students have created an analogy for capitalism that clearly demonstrates they understand the characteristics of capitalism.
  2. 5 4 3 2 1 0

  3. Students have created an analogy for communism that clearly demonstrates they understand the characteristics of communism.
  4. 5 4 3 2 1 0

  5. Students work is clearly labeled with all group membersí names on it, has correct spelling and grammar and has school appropriate drawings.
  6. 5 4 3 2 1 0

  7. Students make appropriate use of class time and work together effectively as a group.

    5 4 3 2 10