Topics Covered: The class is broken into units which cover historical themes.

First Semester Units:

1) Rise of Democratic Ideas: Emphasis on different forms of government and how to become involved in government. Conflict resolution exercise, Contributions of the Greeks, Romans, French, British, and Judaism and Christianity to the democratic process.

2) Age of Exploration: Emphasis on the challenges of conflicting cultures.

Interactive slide show,Word Splash activity, Creative map assignment, Film: The Mission

3)Age of Reason/Enlightenment: Study of Scientific Revolution and Age of Political Thinkers, Democratic Awards Press Conference

4)Industrial Revolution: Emphasis on the effects of Industrialization on the common person. Factory Simulation, Britain as the center of industry, Industrial Revolution Game, New inventions, problems caused by urbanization, effect of urbanization on children. Film: Oliver Twist

5)Age of Revolutions: Emphasis on giving power to the people. Study of the American and French Revolution. French Revolution Project

6) Imperialism and Nationalism: Emphasis on Case Study of South Africa. Scramble for Territory Activity, Personalizing Nationalism, and Imperialism in Africa, South African struggle for independence, Apartheid system, Resistance Songs Assignment, Film: Cry Freedom

Second Semester Units:

1) World War I: Emphasis on experiencing the feelings involved with total war.

World War I alliances game, Causes of the Great War, All Quiet on the Western Front readings, World War I simulation activity (Letters home from the trenches), US entry in the war, Negotiating peace, the effects of World War I.

Film clip: Legends of the Fall (Trench warfare scene)

2) Russian Revolution: Emphasis on contrasting Capitalism and Communism.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Marxist theory game, Comparing Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, Lenin, Stalin and the effects of the Russian Revolution. Students will create multimedia (PowerPoint) presentation in-groups.

3) Rise of Dictators: Emphasis on the dangers of putting power in the hands of a few. Fascism, Nazism, Communism, and Lunch with the World Leaders, Film: Swing Kids

4) Holocaust brief history of Judaism, history of anti-Semitism, the stages of the Holocaust assignment, Holocaust project. Film: Shindler’s List

5) WWII : Emphasis on self-sacrifice and fighting for what you belief in. Causes of World War II, role of appeasement, isolationism, turning points in the war, US entry, decision to drop the atomic bomb, the aftermath of WWII.

6) Cold War: Emphasis on the worldwide conflict caused by differing values.

Conflict resulting from WWII, Causes of the Cold War, Germany,Korea, Cuba and Vietnam Personal Resume’ and cover letter / Cold War Figure resume’ and cover letter, Iron Curtain falls, Reform in Soviet Union, rebuilding relationships.

7) Modern Era: Emphasis on political and social changes in the post WWII era. We didn't start the Fire project, Social World Problems debates.

Skills: The following skills will be taught during units throughout the year.

Read a political map. Create a resume’ and cover letter
Use the library to conduct research Use the Internet to gather information
Analyze and create a political cartoon. Create a bibliography
Read charts and graphs Read and create a timeline.
Read and create a graphic organizer Analyze a photograph / slide
Analyze song lyrics Create an outline.
Analyze newspaper articles (current events) Write a well-organized essay.

Possible Films shown: The following films or clips from films may be shown in class.

If you or your parents have an objection to any of these films, substitute assignments will be made available.

The Mission (Age of Exploration),

Oliver Twist (Industrialization)

The Scarlet Pimpernel (French Revolution)

Cry Freedom (South Africa)

Legends of the Fall and Gallipoli (WWI)

Swing Kids (Rise of Dictators)

Schindler’s List (Holocaust)

Enemy at the Gates and Saving Private Ryan (clip) (WWII)

The Day After (Cold War)

Other films may be added to this list