Absences- You are responsible for the information presented in class even when you are absent including excused absences. Make a friend with someone in class who can share notes and help you catch up. In accordance with school policy: 6 unexcused absences will result in your grade being lowered one full letter grade, 9 unexcused absences will result in your grade being lowered two full letter grades, 12 unexcused absences will result in automatic failure. Attendance will be reviewed at parent/teacher conferences and those with poor attendance will be removed from the transition academy program.

Tardies: Attendance is taken at the beginning of class, if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings you will be marked absent. If you arrive late, enter the classroom quietly, sign the tardy log and go to your seat and a correction to the attendance scan sheet will be made. Signing the tardy log is your protection that the absence will be changed. If you are more than 15 minutes late to class you will be marked absent and the correction will not be made. Excessive tardies will result in detention time to be served with Mr. Joyce at lunch on Tuesdays in C-4. Those failing to serve detention will be refered to the administration and could result in suspension. In addition, excessive tardies will lower your class participation grade by 3 points per tardy.

Errors: If you have been marked absent or late by mistake, place a filled out yellow correction on your desk and it will be verified and returned to you at the end of class.

Makeup Tests: Only those who have excused absences with an admit may make up tests during the make up session which will offered Tuesdays at lunch in C-4. A make-up test sign up sheet will be passed out and you can sign up. By signing the make-up test sheet you are agreeing to show up and make up the test. If you sign the make-up test sign up sheet and fail to show up you forfeit your right to make up the test and will receive a zero.

Making up points: Those students who have a completed class assignments and score poorly on a unit test may come to a makeup session at lunch and correct their mistakes and raise their grade. (Maximum of 15 points) Extra help if needed is also available during this time.

Extra Credit: Each student may earn up to 15 points per quarter for completing extra credit assignments.