The Goals of the Transition Academy Program

  1. To have every student who enters the program transition into the mainstream classes and graduate within 3 years.
  2. To provide a safe drug/ alcohol free environment where students can learn.
  3. To boost the self-esteem of students through goal setting and positive reinforcement of student achievement.
  4. To help all students pass high school exit exams.

Sophomore Transition Academy

Students entering the school are orientated to the new rules and systems of the large 1900 student high school. There are 2 sections of 20 students each in the program and they meet back to back with their English 10 and World History classes. The schedule for these students is modified to eliminate longer block periods and allow students to focus for shorter periods of time. The students meet with their English and History classes every day. The curriculum is the same as regular English and World History classes but there is an emphasis put on class participation and students are rewarded with Stars as class participation points for positive contributions to class discussion. Students are not assigned homework but are required to work during class time. Students who are absent from class or do not complete work during class time will be required to complete work at home. Students are required to keep their notebook and writing instrument in the classroom. The teachers for these classes are chosen on a volunteer basis and want to work with the program. Parents are required to participate in the Transition Academy program by attending parent-teacher conferences and volunteering their time to help their child and the program.