Transition Academy World History

Rise of Dictators Unit

Objectives: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. Describe how dictators came to power in the 1930ís.
    2. List the characteristics of Fascism.
    3. Explain how the Naziís came to power in Germany.
    4. Describe how military leaders took over the government of Japan.
    5. Compare and contrast the governments of Germany, Italy and Japan.


Rise of Nazi Germany reading and questions (worth 15 points)

Swing Kids Movie Questions (worth 20 points)

Chapter 25 Part 4 Handout and Chart (worth 15 points)

Chapter 26 Part 2 pg. 618- 622 and Questions ( worth 10 points)

Review Game

* Unit Test * (worth 55 points)

Class Participation Points / Stars (Daily) Extra Credit

Total Points Available: 115 points