United States History

The Roaring 20s Unit

Purpose: To allow students to explore areas of social change during the 1920s including Major Events of the 1920s, Prohibition, Sports Mania, the advent of movies, the role of women, changing consumer habits, new forms of transportation, the rise of Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance.

Goals: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

1. to compare the changing role of women in the 20s to women of the present.

2. to compare changing consumer habits and new forms of transportation in the 20s to consumer habits and transportation of the present.

3. to analyze the effects 20s music and dance has had on modern music and dance.

4. to trace the advent of movies from the 1920s through the present

5. evaluate the effectiveness of the Prohibition movement.

Skills: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

    1. create multimedia presentation using PowerPoint
    2. conduct library research


Assessment: Multimedia project (100 points) Essay test (80 points)


Multimedia Presentations: Each group (3-4 students) will be assigned an area of 20s culture and create a 20 - 25 minute multimedia presentation to be given to the class. Students will be given class time during the week so they can focus on the presentations. Groups not completing tasks during class time will be required to do them for homework.

What is a Multimedia presentation? A multimedia presentation uses one or several forms of media (slides, pictures, music, movies, computer graphic images, sounds) to present information in an interesting manner. Computer multimedia programs include Hyperstudio (Apple/Mac) and PowerPoint (Windows/ PCs). For this project we will be using PowerPoint and the PC computer lab located on the 2nd floor of the library.

The Topics:

Major events of the 20s


Mass Media

Sports Mania

The role of women

Changing consumer habits

The Jazz Age

Role of African Americans

New forms of transportation


What should be included in the presentation?

  1. Main ideas and concepts relating to your topic.
  2. An explanation of the changes your topic had on American society and culture.
  3. An explanation of how your topic was effected by the Post-War era.
  4. A comparison between the changes during the 1920s and the present.


Resources: TCI handouts and slides, Pathways to the Present textbook, chronologies, jazz music tape, library materials, Internet, Library computer lab.

Grading: Project worth 100 points total.

Group portion (85 points) Individual Portion (15 points)

See attached Rubrics for specifics on grading

Multimedia Presentations to be presented to the class as follows:

Due Wednesday February 5th:

Topic 1 Major Events

Due Thursday February 6th:

Topic 2 Prohibition

Topic 3 Jazz Age

Due Friday February 7th:

Topic 4 Changing Consumer Habits

Topic 5 Changing Role of Women

Due Tuesday February 11th:

Topic 6 Sports Mania

Topic 7 Role of African-Americans

Due Wednesday February 12th:

Topic 8 Mass Media

Topic 9 Transportation Changes

Short Essay Test (80 points) on Thursday February 13, 2003.