United States History
Review of the Nations Beginning-1850

Purpose: To analyze the significant events surrounding the founding of our nation and the political philosophy upon which our government is built.

Goals: At the end of this unit students will be able to:
1) identify the causes of the American revolution.

2) Analyze primary source documents including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

3) Compare and contrast Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton's visions of state and federal government.

4) Explain the system of checks and balances in the federal government.

5) Explain Jacksonian Democracy and its effects on politics today.

Skills: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

1) Use graphic organizers to brainstorm ideas

2) Spell correctly the name of each state and corresponding state capital.

3) Label the 50 states, Mississippi river, Great Lakes, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico on a map.


Homework Assignments (20 points)

Geography Quiz (50 points)

Class Participation: including daily warm-ups, student response sheet, class notes, handouts, group projects, and class participation (50 points)

Chapter Test (100 points)


Due on Wednesday Sept 4th, 2002

Read Chapter 1 Section 2 (pg. 27-31) Answer the following: (5 points)

1) Describe the French and Indian War and other events leading up to the revolution?

2) In your opinion did the colonies have a right to revolt?

3) Summarize the events of the Revolutionary war?

4) How did the Americans win independence despite of Britain's military advantages?

Due on Thursday Sept 5th, 2002

Read Declaration of Independence. (pg. 32-35) (5 points)

1) Explain in your own words why the colonies felt it necessary to break away from England.

2) According to this declaration, when do the people have the right to start a new government?

3) Do you think the statement "all men are created equal" was intended to apply to all human beings? Explain your reasoning.

Due on Tuesday Sept. 10th, 2002

Read Chapter 1 Section 3 (pg. 36-43) Answer the following:(5 points)

1) What were some of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?

2) Describe the Constitutional Convention including the role of James Madison.

3) Describe the conflict between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists. Who do you think won the conflict?

4) Give an example of a check or balance that was used by the legislative, executive or judicial branch this year.

Geography Quiz on Thursday September 12th, 2002 (50 points)

Due on Friday Sept. 13th, 2002

Read Chapter 1 Section 4 (pg. 68-75) Answer the following (5 points)

1) Describe how Louisiana was purchased and Jefferson's concern about buying it?

2) Describe the events leading up to the War of 1812?

3) What issues did the Missouri Compromise resolve? Do you think this was a fair solution? Why or why not?

4) Describe treatment of Native Americans under President Jackson? Do you agree with his decisions? Why or Why not?

Unit Test on Tuesday September 17th, 2002. (100 points)

Notebook Check on Tuesday September 17th, 2002. (50 points)

Remember: Notebooks will only be accepted during class on Tuesday September 17th. Those with excused absences may make up test and turn in notebook at lunch on the make-up day.