Makeup Tests: Only those who have excused absences with an admittance slip may make up tests and turn in notebooks. Makeup tests/ extra help will be offered on Tuesdays at lunch. Students needing to make-up a test will sign the make up test sheet agreeing to show up that day at lunch. Those who sign the make up test sheet and fail to show up give up their right to make up the test/ notebook and will receive a zero for the assignments!

Making up points: Those students who have a completed notebook / homework and score below a 65 on a unit test may come to a makeup session at lunch and correct their mistakes and raise their grade. (Maximum of 15 points) Extra help if needed is also available during this time.

Extra Credit: Each student may earn up to 15 points per quarter for completing extra credit assignments.

Topics Covered: The class is broken into units which cover historical themes.

First Semester Units:

Nations Beginning-1850

Civil War and Reconstruction,

Rise of Industrial America

Native Americans and Westward Expansion and Immigration,

Labor Movement and Progressive Era

US becomes a world power and World War I.

Second Semester Units:

The Roaring 20ís,

Great Depression and the New Deal

World War II

Civil Rights Social changes of 1950ís and 1960ís

Cold War

1970ís through the present.

Skills: The following skills will be taught during units throughout the year.

Read a political map Read an editorial

Read a stock market report. Use the Internet to gather information

Analyze and create a political cartoon.

Create a bibliography Read charts and graphs Read and create a timeline.

Conduct an oral interview Read and create a graphic organizer

Analyze a photograph / slide Read and create a family tree.

Analyze song lyrics Create an outline. Write a well-organized essay.

Analyze newspaper articles (current events) Create multimedia presentation.

Use the library to conduct research