Possible Films shown: The following films or clips from films may be shown in class.

If you or your parents have an objection to any of these films, substitute assignments will be made available.

1.Glory (Civil War)

2. Norma Rae (Labor Movement)

3. Far and Away (Immigration)

4.Legends of the Fall (WWI)

5.Saving Private Ryan (WWII)

6.Pleasantville (1950ís)

7.JFK (1960ís)

8.Good Morning Vietnam (Cold War)

9.Platoon (Cold War)

Notebook Tips: To measure your class participation grade a notebook will be collected at the end of each unit and graded. Your notebook grade will consist of the following items.

  1. Class participation- including class attendance and being on time, contributions to class discussion, proper class behavior, and participation in class activities.

  1. Daily Warm-up Questions on the board at the beginning of class. You should enter the class and begin working on the warm-up question(s) immediately. While warm-ups are being completed, attendance will be taken. After attendance is taken, homework and warm-ups will be stamped. I will only pass your row once, have your homework and warm-up out and ready to go.
  2. Example: Look at the slide projected on the board. Describe what you see? What can you tell about the time period from this slide?

  3. Student Response Sheet a form of interactive class notes
  4. Completed Handouts
  5. Movie notes or questions
  6. Slide Lecture Notes
  7. Group Problem Solving exercises including rubrics, drawings, etc.