Becoming a World Power / World War I Unit

Purpose: To trace the rise of the United States as a world power in terms of developing foreign policy towards Latin America and Asia. To understand the reasons behind the Great War and how an isolationist United States was drawn into it. To explore the political, economic, and social ramifications of World War I on the homefront.

Goals: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

1. evaluate American foreign policy including isolationism and imperialism.

2. analyze primary source documents relating to the Spanish American War

3. identify and explain the significance of the Spanish American War, the Rough Riders, Big Stick Diplomacy, the Panama Canal, the Boxer Rebellion and Dollar Diplomacy.

4. identify the short term and long term causes of WWI and reasons for US entry into the war.

5. identify the contributions to the war effort made on the homefront.

6. compare and contrast European and American visions for peace and the aftermath of the war.

Skills: At the end of this unit students will be able to:

1. analyze political cartoons

2. analyze war propaganda and poetry

3. analyze song lyrics



Homework Assignments (15 points)

Class Participation: including daily warm-ups, student response sheets, handouts, small group projects etc. (40 points)

Unit test (100 points)


Due on Friday January 4th, 2002

Read Chapter 8 Section 2 Answer the following questions: (5 points)

1) Describe the ways in which the United States took advantage of several incidents in Latin America to reaffirm the Monroe Doctrine?

  1. In your words describe the events leading up to and following the Spanish-American War.
  2. In your own words define imperialism. Do you think that the United States should become an imperial power like European countries?


Due on Tuesday January 8, 2002

Read Chapter 8 Section 3 Answer the following questions: (5 points)

1) Explain why the US built the Panama Canal and the impact it had.

2) Compare American foreign policy in the early 1900ís in Latin America and Asia.

3) Describe President Taftís use of dollar diplomacy and what it accomplished.

Due on Thursday January 10, 2002

Read Chapter 10 Section 4 Answer the following questions: (5 points)

1) Explain how the government financed the war and managed a wartime economy.

2) Describe how efforts to enforce loyalty led to hostility and repression.

3) Describe how the lives of Americans changed during the war.


Unit Test and Notebook Check on Tuesday January 15, 2002.