Basic Class Rules

1. Respect other people’s rights, person, and property.

2. All DHS school rules apply and will be enforced.

3. No eating, chewing, or drinking of anything but water in the classroom.

4. Do your own work! Copying a neighbor’s paper or allowing someone to copy yours will equal an automatic 0 on the assignment for both of you plus an hour of detention and written notice to your counselor and parents.

Grading Policies: The class is divided into units with the point values for each assignment clearly labeled on the unit overview sheet handed out at the beginning of each unit or available online at All points are counted the same. The number of points per assignment depends on the difficulty of the assignment. For example:

Homework assignments- 5 points for each assignment (ranging 20-30 points per unit)

Notebook check: including: class participation, daily warm-ups, class notes, handouts, movie questions, role playing exercises, small group projects etc. (30-50 points per unit)

Projects: individual and group assignments (ranging from 20- 100 points per unit)

Pop Quizzes: (ranging from 10-20 points per unit)

Unit Tests- (80-100 points per unit)

Cumulative Final Exams (Quarters 2 and 4) worth 150 points

Grade Scale for Translating Points to Letter Grades

100-97 A+ 96-93 A 92-90 A-

89-87 B+ 86-83 B 82-80 B-

79-77 C+ 76-73 C 72-70 C-

69-67 D+ 66-63 D 62-60 D-

Below 60 F

Absences- You are responsible for the information presented in class even when you are absent including excused absences. Make a friend with someone in class who can share notes and help you catch up. In accordance with school policy: 6 unexcused absences will result in your grade being lowered one full letter grade, 9 unexcused absences will result in your grade being lowered two full letter grades, 12 unexcused absences will result in automatic failure.

Tardies: Attendance is taken at the beginning of class, if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings you will be marked absent. If you arrive late, enter the classroom quietly, sign the tardy log and go to your seat and a correction to the attendance will be made. If you are more than 15 minutes late to class you will be marked absent and the correction will not be made. Excessive tardies will lower your grade! If you are late then your homework is also late. Since homework is stamped at the beginning of class those students who are not in their seat will not have their homework stamped. In addition, class participation is a part of your notebook grade and will be lowered 5 points for every 3 tardies. In addition, pop quizzes may be given at the beginning of class and students who are late may not make up the quiz. Additional consequences for excessive tardies such as detention and Saturday school will also be enforced. Be on time!

Errors: If you have been marked absent or late by mistake, place a filled out yellow correction on your desk and it will be verified and returned to you at the end of class.

Latework: All assignments for the unit are handed out at the beginning of the unit. Homework is stamped daily at the beginning of class. Stamped completed homework is worth full credit (5 points). Completed homework, not stamped is reduced to 2 points. Homework and Notebooks are collected and turned in the day of the unit test. No late notebooks will be accepted. Those who have excused absences for the day of the unit test / notebook collection must hand in their notebooks during the test makeup session.. Late Projects will be reduced by 10 points a day and will not be accepted 2 days past the assigned due date.